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About Medical Travel Service


MedAssist - Sri Lanka is a Medical Travel Concierge. At MedAssist- Sri Lanka, we enable medical travel in Sri Lanka by providing services that take out the unknown and provide a hassle free medical travel experience. We facilitate world class healthcare treatments by selected and certified healthcare providers in both fields of medicine practice in Sri Lanka, i.e Western Medicine and traditional Sri Lankan Ayrvedic Panchakarma treatment. We arrange all your needs during your stay, from arrival to departure including a memorable holiday in Sri Lanka


We focus on medical treatments of the patients, giving them great facilities and comfort with respect to cost and time efficient services. MedAssist- Sri Lanka facilitates their clients by providing world-class quality medical care.


Our service will not only reduce the cost of the treatment to a fraction of that do in the Developed Countries, but also cutoff the long wait times for certain procedures. And our sightseeing tour packages enable you to discover this lovely paradise within short period of time while you are convalescing
Our agreements with best certified private healthcare service providers of Sri Lanka guarantee the VIP Care at selected private healthcare facilities and set at international standards. Each process is continuously monitored and evaluated by MedAssist - Sri Lanka
MedAssist - Sri Lanka is a limited liability company of Sri Lanka which has been providing healthcare service for over 12 years. We have a team of dedicated and passionate employees who are ready and able to assist in your medical tourism needs. We will take care of your travel needs, accommodations, visa assistance, pre and post –hospitalization, along with your sightseeing tours, after you are done with the treatments.


Ayurvedic Medicine in Sri Lanka


The knowledge of the healing power of plants is lovingly maintained in Sri Lanka. It is often passed on from parents to their descendants and includes not only the knowledge of the herbs, plants, barks and roots, but also the techniques of Ayurvedic treatments. It is obvious that herbal remedies, derived directly from Mother Nature, freshly harvested and processed, have a much more intensive effect during a cure than those which make the long trip from Asia to Europe or elsewhere and which are stored before their use – possibly even enriched with preservatives.


Western Medicine in Sri Lanka


Western-style medical practices have been responsible for most of the improvements in health in Sri Lanka during the twentieth century. Health care facilities and staff and public health programs geared to combat infectious disease are the most crucial areas where development has taken place. The state maintains a system of free hospitals, dispensaries, and maternity services. In 1985 there were more than 3,000 doctors trained in Western medicine, about 8,600 nurses, 490 hospitals, and 338 central dispensaries. Maternity services were especially effective in reaching into rural areas; less than 3 percent of deliveries took place without the assistance of at least a paramedic or a trained midwife, and 63 percent spent 258 rupees per person to fight the disease. Although the number of malaria cases and fatalities has declined, in 1985 more than 100,000 persons contracted the disease.



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