Sri Lanka | 2024/07/24 |

Travel Assistance


Highly professional team of MedAssist-Sri Lanka is ready to provide helping hand with Non-Medical Assistance interrelated with Medical Assistance services. We are fully aware about the difficulties you may come across following unexpected illness/injury. We will provide assistance to continue your scheduled journey while convalescing.

  • Rescheduling of your Travel Plan
  • Arrangement to travel with disabilities. (E.g. Special Helper, Wheel Chair,etc..)
  • Hotel Arrangements for Convalescence
  • Emergency Travel Arrangements to Sri Lanka to join with relative receiving medical treatment
  • Return of Dependent Children
  • Translation Services

Our staff is fluent in English and is multilingual for other languages used in Sri Lanka. We also have access to translators of most languages

  • Cash advance/ Transfer of Funds

We are able to provide “Cash Advance” services all over Sri Lanka

    And, we are ready to discuss personalized problems our clients which come across during their vist to unfamiliar destination.
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